The Sanderum Centre have always invested in technology as a way to help businesses of all sizes be competitive and more productive. As part of a recent review of our internet offering, we’ve decided to partner with a new supplier that specialise in the delivery of gigabit fibre internet to multi-tenanted buildings such as ours, alongside a new cloud voice solution to address the increasing demand for flexible working, conferencing and collaboration.



The way we work, how we work and where we work has changed forever. The Sanderum Centre has witnessed this shift amongst our client-base first-hand, and have been at the forefront of the modernisation of the serviced office industry, evolving our offering to clients and investing in our spaces to meet these new requirements.

As businesses adopt a blended, hybrid approach to work, the workplace is considered not just as an office, but as a productivity solution for companies to attract, recruit and retain the best talent, and to innovate, collaborate and grow. With so many of us now working directly from the cloud, having access to a fast, reliable internet connection is absolutely critical to most business operations, with even the smallest amount of downtime having a significant impact on the bottom line.   

Leased lines provide a far superior, enhanced internet connection compared to business or home broadband solutions, offering guaranteed bandwidth and improved uptime, far exceeding the connectivity capabilities of FTTC /ASDL lines and will be the benchmark for future connectivity in an increasingly cloud-based business landscape.  

The Sanderum Centre have taken the business decision to invest in this connectivity for all three centres, with the new gigabit fibre leased line offering customers an increased amount of bandwidth, zero contention and enhanced resilience over the existing broadband solutions, providing a far superior, business grade offering.

Work has already begun and the aim is to have the new solution in place by the start of the new year, allowing residents and members the ability to increase the upload/download speed whenever they need to and it will also offer more resilience and security features to help protect businesses from the ever-growing threat of internet security.


Alongside our leased line upgrade, The Sanderum Centre will be launching a new cloud voice solution to address the increasing demand for flexible working, conferencing and collaboration.

The pandemic presented many workplace challenges and forced businesses to find new ways to work. With the new normal being a mixture of office-based and remote working, businesses of all sizes have now recognised the need to move to the cloud for flexibility and resilience. Features like conferencing and collaboration, instant messaging, presence and working from anywhere on any device have become the norm, and The Sanderum Centre are keen to set the benchmark in our market and evolve our offering to our customers. 

Our new feature-rich, cloud voice solution has been designed to be a seamless communications network, and will meet all of your post-pandemic, hybrid-working needs.

The dynamic nature of the cloud-based system means it will also serve your future business needs with ease, offering a variety of features to ensure that everyone enjoys continuity of service, no matter where they are based.


The new feature-rich, plug-and-play system will provide clients with a solution that supports flexible working with clear conference calls and easy collaboration, and allows users to take calls from a handset, PC, or mobile phone – so no matter where you or your team are when the phone rings, you can answer it!


Watch this space for details of our roll-out timetable and Road Show announcements where you will be able to speak to the team behind the technology and find our more about how the new system can benefit both yourself as an individual and your organisation as a business.

The Sanderum Centre is delighted to bring you an exciting, feature-rich, cloud based VoIP solution for today’s businesses, offering powerful functionality and seamless connections backed by dedicated support.

Our new cloud voice solution offers the following to your business:

  • New high-res colour gigabit HD handset with your company logo and supporting WiFi and Bluetooth as standard
  • Smartphone app for iPhone and Android allowing you to make and receive business calls from anywhere
  • Desktop/laptop app for Windows and Mac for enhanced conferencing and integration with CRM systems etc
  • Microsoft Teams integration (now you can make and receive calls from Teams)
  • Voice recording as standard
  • Voicemail to Email for a Unified Inbox
  • Transcribed voicemails so you can read your voicemails and not have to listen
  • Presence and Instant Messaging so you know the status of all your colleagues and can message them within a company user group

Super-fast, business-boosting leased lines

Benefits include:

  • Gigabit internet speeds
  • Synchronous internet (same speed up and down)
  • Ability for clients to increase or decrease their bandwidth allocation on a same-day basis (“flex up or flex down”)
  • Greatly improved security using VLANs and a better firewall
  • Plentiful public IP addresses available
  • Enhanced resilience

“Our spaces are at the forefront of a dynamic, vibrant and evolving flexible workspace sector and we are committed to continual improvement in what we do and how we do it.

Our Centres are all underpinned by the same high quality service standards, design-led interiors, superior technology and a passion for creating the best workspace experience for all residents, members and visitors”