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Is it the latest marketing band wagon and should I be on it, you may well ask yourself? Don’t worry, this is the same question that most marketers have been pondering for the last year or so.

For some companies there are clear benefits, but for others the opportunities may not be so clear. However, whether you are selling to consumers or to businesses there are several benefits to engaging with this latest phenomenon. It can help you to raise your website profile and ranking in Google, attract new customers or keep existing customers happy.

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Social media ranking high

It may not come as a surprise that Alexa rankings reveals that five of the most visited websites are social networking sites. Areas that have seen increased use are IT support and recruitment. Social networking is becoming more popular and an accepted part of everyday life, with companies recognising that it is both useful and possibly a new and vital method of communication.

A no brainer

I think for companies marketing to consumers it is almost a no brainer, but it does require careful thought and planning. What is the main aim of using social media channels? Is it to generate new business, improve customer relations, and increase your website SEO ratings or all of the above?

Social networking is undoubtedly a great way of keeping in touch with colleagues past and present, as well as connecting with new business contacts. The social networking phenomenon also makes networking easier; it enables you to reach out to limitless individuals around the world via a wide variety of different methods such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn , Google+, podcasts, vodcasts,  instant message, blogs, forums, wikis, the list is endless.

LinkedIn for New Business

For businesses LinkedIn particularly is a great way to help generate new business sales. There are now facilities to add company products and services. You can then get existing clients to write testimonials and help you to promote your solutions delivering hundreds of new visitors to your company profile.

There are many more ways that social media can help you to develop your business and online profile. For more information contact John Bancroft at www.incognate.com